What media say about Faana?

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'Vibrant and pulsating, ‘Stop Running’ bursts unashamedly with upbeat 70s retro vibes, reminiscent of Electric Light Orchestra, fused with Supertramp and a dash of 10CC – woven together with a unique contemporary quality, that stamps the hallmark of this burgeoning artist.'

Real Music Hype

'We are certainly dealing with a highly experienced artist who offers quality music. Honestly, it’s hard to find defects. The production and interpretations are flawless. The chord progression is impeccable and manages to entertain the listener from the first to the last second.'

Edgar Allan Poets

'A melodic arrangement of pounding drums and powerful guitars belie Faana’s bold vocals. Actually, there is a textured harmony between all elements like a sonic thread woven together to create a kaleidoscopic tapestry.'

The Other Side Reviews

'FAANA’s musical prowess shows through in his charming vocal performance and mesmerizing guitar solo. We get a peppy vibe with forceful inertia in this song’s groove.'

Sinusoidal Music

It's contagious from start to finish! With the music being based around guitar, bass and drums, Faana and his band manage to get the best out of each instrument and make everyone stand out.

Roadie Music